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Car Policy

Having a suitable Car Policy is the starting point for achieving future savings. Manage your fleet with a comprehensive policy that guarantees all the services it needs.

Business Dynamic

The search for efficiency keeps us active and in constant change for your business. If your business changes, so do we.

"Call Center"

We are not machines, so we do not treat our clients as such. A personalized adviser will be available for you to help you with all of our services.

Control and monitoring

Control helps us improve continuously. Having a thorough control over the fleet helps us make successful decisions quicker and more efficiently.


Safety is one of our top priorities, therefore we want the best coverage in the insurances we manage.

Financial and administrative management

Avoiding unwanted costs is a part of our daily work. Monitoring the fleet will prevent hidden costs and increase efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction

We highly value our client’s opinion and we intend to keep improving day to day. Therefore, vehicle users are a fundamental piece in fleet management.

Additional Service

No podemos entender un producto o nivel de servicio excelente, sin disponer de unos buenos servicios adicionales que logren la total satisfacción de nuestros clientes.

TCO · Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is an important variable to take in to account when making an investment. For that reason, Iberofleeting carries out a detailed study on all the costs your fleet may have.

  • Analysis of mileage deviations
  • Accident patterns study
  • Fuel consumption
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Hidden costs
  • Savings niches
  • Real costs of your flee
  • Rights and obligations

Car policy

Manage your fleet with a comprehensive policy that assures all the services of your fleet.

  • Advice and counselling
    • Lease or purchase
    • Vehicle model
    • Analysis of the outline agreement
    • Period and mileage
    • Rental, Leasing or financing company
  • Most adequate brand, model and equipment for your needs.
  • Car policy analysis
  • Insurance, coverage study and search for improvements
  • Costs, history study and savings proposals.
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Business Dynamic Analysis

Business Dynamic Analysis

  • The search for efficiency keeps us active and in constant change for your business.
  • Profile selection of the most suitable Operator.
  • Analysis of the current contracts and focus on rights and obligations.
  • Structure and consideration of the services to be hired.
  • Price and service strategy. Quality to price ratio.

  • Search and detection of added values.
  • Definition of:

Call Center Organizational Chart

An appointed agent will be your personal interlocutor for all our services

    User Service

  • Orders of new vehicles
  • Deliveries
  • Sanctions
  • Replacement Vehicles

    Client Guide

  • Advice and TCO
  • Control of Invoices
  • Fuel Management
  • Mileage Control
  • Recalculation

    Maintenance and tyres

  • Reception of calls
  • Transportation to an authorized repair network
  • Monitoring
  • Information to users
  • Remarketing

    Call Center Organizational Chart

  • Insurances
  • Accident Vehicles Collection
  • Pick-up and delivery service for vehicle maintenance.
Call Center
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Control and monitoring

Having a thorough control over the fleet helps us make successful decisions quicker and more efficiently.

  • Control over the order, delivery and return of the vehicle
  • Mileage monitoring and study of the possibility of recalculating it
  • Control and monitoring of incidents, especially during the guarantee period
  • Control over recurring breakdowns
  • Analysis and processing of negligence. Presentation of results and proof
  • Defence and representation of the client against the operators and insurance companies


One of our main priorities is safety in all our vehicles. For that reason, we want the best possible insurance coverage.

  • Best garages choice for our clients, monitoring the whole repair process
  • Loss monitoring
  • Analysis and improvement in the accident rate
  • Improvement in the accident rate
  • Risk map analysis and insurance broker choice
Gestión administrativa

Administrative and financial management

Avoiding undesired costs is an everyday job. Constant monitoring of the fleet will increase efficiency.

  • Monthly monitoring of the billing information received
  • Claim and monitoring the refund of payments
  • Analysis and processing of atypical invoices
  • Data integration into ESQDO
  • Monthly invoicing incident report

User satisfaction

Your opinion is very important for us and we want to keep improving day to day.

  • Biennial user satisfaction survey
  • Data tabulation and analysis
  • Presentation of results and improvement actions
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Spend fuel management

  • Monthly fuel spend control
  • Account set-up, renewal and cessation of fuel cards
  • Mileage monitoring and inadequate fill-ups
  • Negotiation of discounts on behalf of our clients
  • Monthly reports of fuel consumption and deviations

Additional services

We cannot understand a good standard of service, without additional services that enable our clients’ total satisfaction.

  • Direct negotiation with each and every one of our operators (rental companies, insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers, etc. …)
  • Penalties and fines processing:
    • Defence and representation until the completion of the administrative channels
  • Vehicle technical inspection handling
    • Tracking of dates and notification to the user
  • Transfer processing
    • If you need to transfer your vehicle, we will take care of it
  • Rental car or pre-delivery
    • Stay mobile, we can arrange rental vehicles instantly
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